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Poor parenting revealed in mary shelleys frankenstein Essays

Poor child rearing uncovered in mary shelley's frankenstein Essays Poor child rearing uncovered in mary shelley's frankenstein Poor Parenting Revealed in Mary Shelley?s Frankenstein After bringing forth a kid, it is relied upon of the guardians to educate and raise them with great ethics. It is expected that guardians show both love and fondness towards their newborn child. In any case, there are cases in which a few guardians disregard their kids, which is the thing that the principle character, Victor did in the novel Frankenstein. In Mary Shelley?s tale Frankenstein, Victor exhibits how the disregard of his creation converts into devastation and viciousness of those in his life. These two viewpoints are caused due to the abuse that Victor shown to his ?youngster?. He wasn?t mindful of how perilous this ?youngster? could come out to be since it was not raised properly. This prompted the ?child?s? intolerable forlornness and outrage. Showing disregard towards a baby leaves them genuinely and intellectually temperamental. In the novel, Victor?s disregard towards his creation, the Creature, caused his pain. This demonstration of scorn happened on the grounds that Victor was disappointed with the presence of his posterity. Victor gets down on him about being a ?Devil? furthermore, even inquiries him, ?Do you dare approach me? What's more, do you not dread the furious retribution of my arm unleashed on your hopeless head? Begone, awful creepy crawly!? (page 68). No parent ought to ever carry on along these lines towards their youngster. Victor damages his ?youngster? causing a psychological cost for him by calling him names and advising him to leave. The Creature accepts what he is told since he sees it for himself, ?But how unnerved would i say i was, the point at which I seen myself in a straightforward pool!? (pg 80). The Creature presently appears to comprehend why others have demonstrated negligence towards him. He presently understands that his disregard is a direct result of his pretense. As per article 18, ?Unwanted and Un-proposed Long Term Results of Overindulging Children? by Dawson and Bredehoft, ?It is hard to be cheerful except if one looks great?. This is thoroughly considered to be a direct result of overindulgence in youngsters, which is a type of kid disregard; it was the fundamental motivation behind why the Creature approached making disorder. He submitted murders to seek retribution on Victor in view of the disregard he appeared towards him and his appearance. This was a sort of feeling that the Creature showed to let out his outrage on his pretense. It?s accepted that an individual who is sad with their appearance will in general have a ?low confidence, and a feeling of disgrace encompassing the parent?s nonappearance? (?Impacts of Abandonment?, Wolf). Since Victor ignored his creation because of his appearance he was never there for the Creature. Demonstrating carelessnes s towards a youngster can be damaging. On the off chance that it isn't halted, it prompts pointless repercussions and is the path of least resistance towards relinquishment. At the point when a kid experiences relinquishment, the result will be negative since they didn't get the vital love and friendship from their parent. The kid will be in a condition of devastation and question their surrender. Due to Victor?s neglecting of the Creature, prompts the Creature addressing him, ?Have I not endured enough, that you look to expand my hopelessness? I was altruistic and acceptable; hopelessness made me a beast? (pgs. 68-69). The Creature seems, by all accounts, to be hopeless in light of the fact that he was left forsaken. This inquiry is an impact from youngster deserting, it ?Left the Creature with waiting inquiry concerning his self-esteem? (Impacts of Abandonment in Children by Jennifer Wolfe). He can't comprehend why his ?parent? would need to cause him to endure more than he as of now has. The Creature was a philanthropic being previously, but since of his surrender it made him experience this condition of hopelessness. When helping a youngster to adapt to relinquishment it is encouraged to, ?Reassure the kid that they didn't successfully make their parent leave? (Adapting to the Effects of Child Abandonment by Stacy Hensley). For this situation, Victor didn't exhibit this activity towards the Creature. The Creature knows that his deserting is a direct result of his appearance, which is the thing that lighted Victor to spurn him. Due to Victor?s recklessness of the Creature it made a negative effect on him alongside an absence of adoration and love. These parts were an

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Kardell Paper Company Decision Essay

The Board of executives of Kardell Paper Company ought to acknowledge the establishment of the new handling innovation witch secures the earth by refining the company’s squander water .Implementing this new innovation will expand the company’s long haul productivity and notoriety by giving enough force and capacity to contend and work effectively later on advertise. This moral arrangement is offered, in the wake of breaking down Kardell’s leading group of directors’ choice to decline the new innovation because of its high turn over expenses. The effects of this choice on the company’s essential partners is concentrated cautiously by utilizing the 5-question moral methodology. The evaluation has been made by contrasting the gainfulness, legitimateness, reasonableness and rightness of the company’s choice and its effects on significant gatherings of partners and their inclinations. Presentation The Kardell Paper Company (KPC) is an exposure exchanged organization with great monetary record and a benefit of $1.7 million for every year.Kardell’s unique factory which isn't planned with understanding to high ecological insurance gauges, is situated close to the Riverside, a network of 22,000 inhabitants (Brooks 371) The neighborhood network has been experiencing an abnormally high pace of unsuccessful labors and respiratory issue since 1985.Therefore,in that year, an examination has been done on the water test of the stream which indicated significant level of mechanical synthetic called sonox.Also,it was found that the plant lab neglected to make reference to the high sonox level in its month to month report to the directors. In any case, in the wake of advising the CEO and the Board regarding Direcors, no genuine move has been made to tackle this issue and demonstrated the circumstance. They neglected to attempt a fitting natural review and even denied the conceivable arrangement of embracing another innovation to refine the company’s squander water.(Brooks 372) The Issues Truth be told, KPC’s directorate confronted two significant issues in embracing the new innovation. To start with, the $70 million expense of executing the new innovation which would influence the efficiency and benefit of the organization. Second, the issue of joblessness and occupation misfortune that will happen, because of closing down during the retrofit. To dissect and asses KPC’s choice, the 5-question system will be utilized. This methodology requires recognizing the company’s most significant partners, organizing their inclinations and applying five inquiries to look at the effects of the company’s choice on every partner gathering (Tucker 348). Distinguishing proof of Stakeholders and their Interests As per the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), organizations are worried for the prosperity of the individuals, society and the earth (Brooks 399). Consequently, distinguishing proof of the considerable number of partners and their interests are very significant for examining companies’ business choices and guarantee their drawn out progress. The most significant partner bunches that are affected by KPC’s choice can be perceived and positioned as follow. Present and Future Shareholders The effect on this gathering measures as far as benefit or misfortune. For this situation, current investors will confront a momentary decrease in the profit installments because of the significant expense of embracing the new preparing innovation ($70 million) and the likelihood of limit level decrease during the retrofit. Notwithstanding, if the choice gets known, the organization may wind up paying high tidy up and remuneration costs just as Governmental fines.On the other hand, the future investors, for example, moral financial specialists are progressively inspired by long haul benefits and give more an incentive to good and moral conduct of the organization. KPC’s Employees and Labor Union They may conceivably get jobless or get less pay rates and advantages because of the efficiency decrease during the retrofit. Be that as it may, KPC is putting its workers and their family’s life in danger by being the wellspring of hurtful emanation and continue dirtying their environment.Therefore, by declining to introduce the new innovation, KPC is guaranteeing the employees’ occupation and pay rates to the detriment of disregarding their center human rights, for example, option to great wellbeing. KPC’s Managements This gathering comprises of the company’s Executive Officers and different supervisors who get liberal rewards and advantages. They look for momentary benefit without giving enough consideration to the drawn out outcomes of their choice. They have disregarded the dangers that are endless supply of their choice by informants, for example, conceivable tidy up costs just as negative response of the network by boycotting the company’s items. Neighborhood Community There is no uncertainty that KPC has CSR toward the network and along these lines must guarantee the business keeps working to make riches and to assemble great notoriety (Brooks 399). As the neighborhood network is experiencing the symptoms of the high sonox level in the water, KPC needs to act mindful ,legitimate and solid to take care of their concern. Then again, the nearby network may be profoundly dependant on the organization as a fundamental wellspring of salary in the territory and would seriously endure during the retrofit. In any case, there is no uncertainty that sparing their lives and living condition ought to be the company’s main goal. Government As the Government needs the wellbeing and prosperity of the general public and protectâ them from hurt, it might want KPC to put resources into the innovation and cut down the quantity of wiped out individuals. Likewise, this may be to the administration advantage as it would lessen the wellbeing cost. As it has clarified, KPC’s essential partners comprise of various gatherings with different interests .For having the option to asses the effect of the company’s choice, the principal enthusiasm of the partners ought to be thought about. The choice ought to amplify the well-offness everything being equal, should bring about a reasonable conveyance of advantages and weights, and furthermore ought not insult any of the privileges of partners (Brooks 336). Considering the previously mentioned criterias, despite the fact that the proposed choice may augment some present investors and managers’ benefits, however it is rebelliously not reasonable or gainful for different representatives and the community.Moreover, KPC is irritating the center human privileges of the occupants and its workers by imperiling their lives and wellbeing. Verifiably those rights ought to be the company’s first and standard concerns. Utilization of the 5-Question Approach 1-Profitability There is no uncertainty that the refusal of introducing the new preparing innovation which cost $70 million and results in closing down the firm, will be gainful in present moment and will likewise lessen the danger of financial loss.However,the probability of the choice getting open by either informants or moral investors must be assessed. For this situation, KPC may confront major issues, for example, loosing the network support, paying high pay and tidy up costs as well as could be expected future claims for harming the environment.Consequently, receiving the new innovation will be more money saving advantage in long term.Moreover, KPC will have the option to counterbalance a few expenses by recovering waste material and offer it to synthetic makers (Brooks 372). 2-Legality The KPC’s choice probably won't be unlawful right now as it consents to the current administrative cutoff points and ecological guidelines. However, because of high number of premature deliveries, birth abandons and respiratory aliments in the zone, there is no uncertainty that the legislature will fix the norms to restrain the sonox emanation in not so distant future. In this way, KPC should settle on a proactive choice to diminish any opportunity of plausible lawsuits.Also, as indicated by the Golden Rules; KPC chiefs should regard the network as they need to be dealt with (Hunt and Cox 22). Additionally, KPC should offer need to the qualities, for example, Integrity, genuineness, Responsibility, Predictability and attempt to apply progressively moral standards and guidelines to actualize those qualities. 3-Fairness While the postponement choice may thought about reasonable and beneficial for investors and administrators, it is uncalled for greater part of partners as to CSR ,KPC isn't just dependable to make benefit for its investors yet additionally dedicated to different partners (Brooks 359).Also, the even appropriation of advantages and premiums among all partners an ought to be taken into consideration.If,this out of line treatment gets open, it might bring about extreme response from the harmed parties which will cause business disappointment. 4-Impact on Rights As it has depicted, the proposed choice had negative effect on the privileges of a few partner bunches as far as life, wellbeing, safty and security.KPC has adversely influenced the wellbeing and prosperity of the general public and its workers by possibly dirtying their condition .Therefore, KPC’s choice would be viewed as unscrupulous. It has neglected to regard the stakeholders’ qualities and save their wellbeing and security rights, by not uncovering suitable data to people in general and furthermore not finding a way to tackle its specialized issue. 5-Is It Sustainable Development? From the natural forthcoming, KPC needs to work as per high ecological assurance guidelines. So as to thrive and advance in future, the organization needs to outfit itself with the most up to date innovation and abilities required to keep the earth free from any danger. Ends and Recommendations The examination has demonstrated that, despite the fact that KPC’s choice to concede the establishment of the new handling innovation may guarantee the transient productivity of the organization and assurance the shareholders’ interests and can be inside administrative cutoff points at the presents, it isn't reasonable or right to different partners. Also, with

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Portias Powerful Portrayal Character Analysis - Literature Essay Samples

After a close look at today’s society, an observer will find that within all healthy relationships, both people are equal partners. Today, this equality is something we believe to be a result of our basic human rights. However, in Shakespearean times, women were considered to be weak individuals whose purpose was to eventually get married and serve their husbands. Unlike today, mutual love and respect were not commonplace in marriages, and women were generally assumed to be inferior to the dominant man in the relationship. This gender stereotype was one that many people questioned and disagreed with, Shakespeare included. However, Shakespeare was one of the few to actually incorporate his ideas of femininity into his famous works. Through his beliefs and analyzation of society at the time, Shakespeare was able to write strong female characters in his works, including a young woman named Portia who plays wife to Brutus and, at the same time, proves herself as an individual thro ughout the duration of the play. Therefore, in his play Julius Caesar, William Shakespeare breaks this all-around idea of the pathetic housewife and creates a complex female character named Portia, who stands out for her capability, loyalty, and intelligence. Despite the general stereotype of women belonging to their husbands and subject to orders from them, Portia proves her capabilities as a wife, friend, and person throughout the play. One of the first examples of her capability in the play is during Brutus and Portia’s argument when Portia confronts Brutus by saying, â€Å"Within the bond of marriage, tell me, Brutus, Is it excepted I should know no secrets That appertain to you?† (Shakespeare 13). Essentially, Portia proves herself capable of being Brutus’ wife by not only forming and stating her own unpopular opinions about equality within marriage, but also by assertively and rhetorically questioning her husband as she anticipates his response. Portia establishes herself as a strong and capable woman by rationally discussing her feelings with Brutus as opposed to staying quiet and obeying her husband’s irrational requests and lies, as most women would have done during the time period. Secondly, also duri ng their argument, Portia brings up the controversial topic of gender stereotypes when she questions, â€Å"Think you I am no stronger than my sex, Beig so fathered and so husbanded?† (Shakepeare 115). This quote not only proves that Portia understands the judgments made about women at the time, but also shows that she believes herself to be capable of more than other women, simply based on her background and personal character. It also proves her ability to defend herself, her name, and her honor even to someone like her husband, who she respects immensely. Lastly, in the midst of her disagreement with Brutus, she uncovers a wound she has been hiding and says, â€Å"I have made strong proof of my constancy, Giving myself a voluntary wound Here in the thigh† (Shakespeare 115). This quote shows Portia’s ability to hide a severe injury, and is therefore her way of proving she is capable of keeping something her husband tells her confidential. She proves by hiding the huge gash in her leg that she is not only strong willed but also able to keep a secret no matter the importance of it. Portia’s strategic arguments and maturity within the conversation with her husband prove her capability. Throughout the play, Portia also proves her unwavering loyalty to her husband, despite the decisions he is making. For example, when Portia and Brutus are arguing she begs him to confide in her his problems by saying, â€Å"Dear my lord, Make me acquainted with your cause of grief† (Shakespeare 113). Despite her suspicions that Brutus is struggling with a major internal conflict regarding something drastic and possibly immoral, she proves her loyalty to her husband by pleading him to confide in her so she can understand what he is going through and help him through it. She sees the pain he is undergoing, yet she wants to subject herself to that pain in order to take some of the weight off of her husband’s shoulders. In addition, when she is speaking to Lucius and urging him to go to the Capitol to check on Brutus, she reminds herself to keep quiet about what her husband is about to partake in by saying, â€Å"I have a man’s mind but a woman’s might. How h ard it is for women to keep counsel!† (Shakespeare 135). Although it is difficult for her to refrain from saying anything about Brutus’ plans to assassinate Caesar, she remains true to her husband and stops herself from saying anything that might incriminate him. Despite her knowing and understanding that what he is doing is not necessarily ethical, she supports him and keeps his secret regardless, which proves her faithfulness and willingness to support Brutus through whatever may come their way. Finally, when Portia is worried about Brutus, she speaks to him from afar by saying, â€Å"O Brutus, The heavens speed thee in thine enterprise!† (Shakespeare 137). Although she may have disagreed with Brutus’ decision (it is not specifically stated in the novel what her reaction was when she learned of the plan), she continues to support him and hope that everything goes the way he planned it, specifically out of love for him, not his intentions. This shows her genuine worry and care for Brutus, and also proves her loyalty despite the seriousness of the circumstances. In brief, Portia proves her loyalty to Brutus in the play through her actions of care, worry, and love. Portia’s intelligence, which she proves through her careful observations and her drawing of rational conclusions, shone throughout the play. Firstly, when Portia and Brutus are arguing back and forth, Portia says, â€Å"You suddenly arose and walked about†¦And when I asked you what the matter was You stared upon me with ungentle looks† (Shakespeare 111). Portia’s persistence emphasizes her intelligence, as her perseverance shows she is assured that she is right about her husband’s unusual behavior. The fact that she is receiving subtle hints and clues shows her sharp wit and restless mind, especially when it comes to reading her loved ones. Secondly, when Brutus lies to Portia saying he is sick, Portia lists evidence to show she knows better, and concludes by telling him, â€Å"No, my Brutus. You have some sick offense within your mind† (Shakespeare 113). This quote shows that after a close examination of Brutus’ irregular actions, she i s able to infer that Brutus is acting strangely and strategically confronts him. Portia knows nothing of the plan to assassinate Caesar, yet she picks up on clues that are not entirely obvious and manages to piece the parts together, which proves her intellect. Lastly, after Portia commits suicide, Brutus reflects on her cause of death when he says, â€Å"That tidings came—with this she fell distract And, her attendants absent, swallowed fire† (Shakespeare 223). Portia’s suicide was not impulsive or sudden, but instead cautiously planed out, which shows her ability to manipulate factors to meet her goals. Portia’s actions and responses throughout the play prove her unmatchable intelligence, highlighted by her careful planning and observation skills. Portia is not only a capable, loyal, and intelligent young woman, but she is also one of the few influential female characters within any form of literature during the time period. Her capability is proven through her strong and unwavering opinions, in addition to through her defense of her personal character. Additionally, her loyalty is confirmed through her worry of Brutus, her willingness to share his burdens, and her eagerness to help him in whichever way possible. Finally, Portia’s intelligence is shown through her keen observation and planning skills, by which she could manipulate things to her satisfaction. Shakespeare’s purpose of including Portia was to create a controversial, yet strong willed character that stands up for herself and her beliefs. It is safe to say that Portia’s character was an inspir ation to domesticated women throughout Rome, as she was a change of pace from the typical expectations of women in the Roman society. Today, many women are seen as hard- working, strong, trustworthy, smart, and etc., and have finally been granted the right to speak freely and expect equality. This dramatic change in society’s outlook was partly a result of opinionated literature and the influence of independent female characters, and Portia was undoubtedly one of the most striking female characters of the Shakespearean time.

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The Odyssey A Summary by Alec Fields - 1313 Words

Odysseus was the king of Ithaca; he had a wife, and a new-born son Telemachus. While his son was still an infant, king Agamemnon declared war on the Troy, and Odysseus was drafted to fight in the Greek army. It was there that he did many heroic deeds, most notably his concoction of the Trojan Horse plan. But this story begins after all that after he offends the god Poseidon and is sent on his journey, his quest, his Odyssey. Ismarus was sacked by Odysseus and his men. It was plentiful with money, food, and treasure. So plentiful that Odysseus men became greedy and they decided to enjoy themselves, against the wishes of Odysseus. To exploit these circumstances a neighboring army attacked killing 72 of Odysseus men. They flee from†¦show more content†¦Odysseus traveled to the lair of the Sirens and Odysseus prepared his men ahead of time. Their ears were filled with wax, and he had them tie him to the mast of the ship, without any wax in his ears. Upon hearing their song he ye lled for his men to release him, and thats when they would tighten the ropes. He flailed and struggled to get free, but he was unsuccessful. He was released after they were well passed the Sirens domain. It is said that after being completely unsuccessful the sirens drowned themselves. Odysseus was told by Circe to choose between braving Scylla, a 6 headed sea monster or Charbydis, a huge whirlpool-like monster. He was told that if he faced Charbydis his entire ship, with his men, would be lost. He was told Scylla would kill 6 men, and that if they fought against it they would lose 12. So Odysseus reluctantly chose to brave the Scylla. Scylla ate 6 of his men as they crossed and Odysseus moved forward in his journey. They next made landfall on the island of Thrinacia, the island of the sun god. This was Helios domain where he kept his prized cattle. Odysseus was warned by Tiresias not to eat the cattle there, this was passed on to the crew by Odysseus. But they did not listen, they made a feast of Helios cattle. This earned them the wrath of Helios,Show MoreRelatedPostmodernism and the Simpsons10775 Words   |  44 Pages........................................................................................................... 35 Introduction Postmodernism: Profile of a Cultural Movement Postmodernism is a term used to encompass a wide range of attitudes in the fields of aesthetic production and cultural criticism emerging in the 1980s. It is a unique critical movement due to the extent of its reach; it can be said to be immediately relevant to the realms of the arts, philosophy, politics and sociology. The Encyclopedia

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Child Rearing Controversy - 973 Words

There are numerous philosophies on how to raise children. Several parents adopt the concepts their own parents used, others seek advice from friends and there are those that read books about parenting. Parents come in various and diverse forms, each approaching parenting in ways as distinct as their personalities. Philosophies on child rearing can be grouped into two styles; authoritarian, authoritative parenting. These two styles are similar sounding, but have nuanced differences. Authoritarian parents hold their children to an exceedingly high level of status and success. In this style of parenting, children are expected to follow the strict rules established by the parents. Failure in following rules typically results in†¦show more content†¦Using authoritative parenting style requires setting boundaries while still being able to listen and be patient with the child. Here is an example of the authoritarian parenting style: A child is caught hitting their playmate. The parent responds by grabbing the child and spanking them without any explanation of why hitting is immoral. Thus punishing the child with the same misconduct the child has committed results in mocking of the punishment behavior. Using authoritarian style requires the ability to be dominantly harsh while giving punishment without an explanation. There are abundant differences in these two styles, but the most significant discrepancy is in the end product: the children. An authoritative parent will preserve the love and respect of his children and, when they reach adulthood, they will continue this custom with their own children. An authoritative parent will know he has done his job well in the raising of those children, because the relationships that were built will incessantly last. The parents who choose a benign approach will obtain the rewards of having children that will be the ones who have a good work ethic and who succeed in school because they wish to please their parents. The parents who choose to rule by fear will see quite dissimilar results: their children are probable to react out of that terror, which will only last as long as they are young;Show MoreRelatedThe Moral Argument Of Sexual Morality1032 Words   |  5 Pagesmarriage. The deciding factors of this case were stated to be based not on the issue of sexual orientation but rather â€Å"the fundamental right to marry.† Chief Justice John J. Robert Jr. claimed that the right was about autonomy and fulfillment, about child rearing and social order. Under the latter definition many have begun to question as to whether the Obergefell v. Hodges decision, is a presage to polyamorous couples and the recognition of their right to marry. Prior to delving into the argument claimsRead Moreâ€Å"Summerhill – a radical approach to child rearing† Sushmita K.C. After reading the book600 Words   |  3 Pages â€Å"Summerhill – a radical approach to child rearing† Sushmita K.C. After reading the book â€Å"Summerhill- a radical approach to child rearing† I came to know that Summerhill school is most unusual school that I have ever heard of. This school is different than others because it is a democratic school and has a unique system of teaching the children which means students are let free to do as they please. There is no any strict rules and regulations or punishments like we do haveRead MoreFor Your Own Good by Alice Miller1003 Words   |  5 Pagescompassion for children and absolutely no tolerance for their maltreatment. She wrote many books and articles on the subject of child rearing and its impact on society. Miller is also known for her outspoken views on religion and its impact on children’s psyches. She used the term â€Å"Poisonous pedagogy† in many of her writings to refer to the toxic forms of child rearing that have been employed as far back as can be remembered. Alice Miller lived in Europe during Adolf Hitler’s reign, and the atrocitiesRead MoreWomen And The Modern Church929 Words   |  4 PagesI. INTRODUCTION The question of whether or not women should be in ministry is often a disputed one, and has become a polarizing issue for the modern church. This is not unusual as women’s role in the church has never been free of controversy. When discussing this issue, it is important to recognize that women have always played a role in ministry. However, this would not be the case had it not been for Jesus and his unusual treatment of women. Despite the opposing customs and social norms ofRead MoreAnalysis Of The Poem Battle Hymn Of The Tiger Mother Essay747 Words   |  3 Pagesis the best way to raise the future? Is it â€Å"Chinese Parenting† or â€Å"Western parenting†? This controversy aroused in 2011 when an excerpt from Amy Chua’s memoir, Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother was published in the Wall Street Journal. Amy Chua is a Harvard graduate, Yale law professor, and a Chinese mother Sohpia and Lulu. Chua’s interpretation and execution of being a Chinese parent has sparked controversy from parents across the globe. Chua has received rapport from â€Å"Readers from Japan, Korea, SingaporeRead MoreShould the Government Pay for Child Care for Working Mothers?507 Words   |  2 Pages work effectively without being bogged down by child rearing, do you agree that the government should build child-care centres and subsidise child-care expenses? Use specific reasons and details to support your answer. (500 words) ----------------------------------------------------- The question about whether the women should stay at home to take care of their babies or should they go to work to earn money for the family is still a major controversy. Unlike in the past when women cannot receiveRead MoreIs Abortion A Moral And Constitutional Issue?999 Words   |  4 Pagesmorals or laws. A woman should be granted the right to privacy and choice to abort her fetus without it becoming a public catastrophe. By the same token, abortion should not be utilized as a form of birth control. Advocates on both sides of the controversy present very robust arguments that demonstrate valid points. Regardless of one’s stance in the fight, can there possibly be a neutral zone between pro-life and pro-choice? Abortion is the early termination of a pregnancy or â€Å"the premature exitRead More The Controversy Behind Child Spanking Essay1647 Words   |  7 PagesThe Controversy Behind Child Spanking   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Spanking a child is a controversial issue. On one side of the debate are people who believe spanking is a necessary component of parenting. On the contrary are people who think spanking a child is destructive. Somewhere in the middle are people who believe spanking is legitimate only when used correctly. Part of the reason for the debate is that some parents and experts define spanking differently. To some, spanking means slapping a child on the rear-endRead MoreSame Sex Marriage And Parenting938 Words   |  4 Pagesmarry and same-sex marriage was legalized in 36 states as of January 6, 2015 (Washington Times). According to the foremost recent data provided by Williams Institute, UCLA School of Law, about 21,740, same-sex couples have at least one adopted a child in 2009, up from 6,477 in 2000 (Michelson). Although gay parenting is publicly viewed as a newer phenomenon, for many years, gay parents have had custody of children in all types of family configurations, whether through adoption, previous heterosexualRead MoreThe Need for Quality Daycare Essay1029 Words   |  5 PagesThe Need for Quality Daycare Daycare has become a controversy because of the great quantity of advantages and disadvantages that it involves. While a very large number of parents have to rely on child care centers because of career ambitions or financial needs that only their jobs can fulfill, most child psychiatrists believe that the ideal growing environment for an infant is at home with the family. The problem is that choosing the right caregiver, a good substitute for the parents, is very

Business Communication Skills for Christensen - myassignmenthelp

Question: Discuss about theBusiness Communication Skills forClayton Christensen. Answer: Is Tesla Really a Disruptor? A disruptive innovation according to Clayton Christensen refers to the process which a product or a service takes cause initially in fewer applications at the lowest point of a market, then steadily moves up and substitutes the dominant competitors. The main argument is whether Tesla is in a position to alter the whole automobile sector (Cao, and Emadi, 2012, pp 125). The firm best poise to be performing well reflecting on the 500, 000 pre-orders of all-electric Model 3 to be shipped to non-employees. The company can be considered as innovative, considering its 14-year-old startup valuation which was over $53 billion. However, Tesla does not qualify to be described as being wildly creative or disruptively innovative since it is not bright enough the kind of technology the firm is using. This is because the electric cars which Tesla produces have been used for almost a decade now with no change in technology. The technology itself is considered to be expensive and weak compared to the internal combustion. For Tesla to be a disruptive innovation, it must make use of cheaper technology to produce substitutes that are of lower quality as compared to those provided by mature well-established competitors (Debe, 2012, pp 48). Subsequently, the disruptor battens its accomplishments, catching the industry unaware in the future. Additionally, it is recommended that as a result of the evolving technology, Tesla would introduce substitute products which are considered to be better and affordable right from the introduction stage (Massa, and Tucci, 2013, pp 18). Thus, initiating sudden renouncement of consumers away from the incumbents to the upcoming participants who best make use of the ability and change the economics of the disruptive technology. The Company can also apply the different paths to industry change. It may decide to offer a product that is more expensive, which will shift the buying patterns of the consumers due to its superiority (Kimble, and Wang, 2013, pp 15). The alternative helps redefine the expectations of the consumer thus leading to the creation of a new market space, and a prolonged period for revenue to grow, but at the same time shrinking the gains which cause the industry to fall and causes the sector to be reborn. This is based on new worth suggestion. The article gives a detailed argument for comparing and analyzing the four main appearances of innovating current vehicle models which are portrayed by Toyota, BYD, and Tesla. This study is based on the three major types of new energy vehicles which include hybrid cars from China, perfect electric cars, and the fuel cell vehicles (Eberle, Mller, and Von Helmolt, 2012, pp 8790). Tesla focuses on manufacturing electric luxury vehicles, targeting the rich individuals who pursue to have the best quality products and the need to attempt recently made brands. Chinas leading BYD brand attaches importance to conserving the environment and trying to curb air pollution. Finally, Toyota focuses on fuel cell vehicles and pure electric. The manufacture of new energy vehicles has to be based on an ecological environment that is innovative. With the growth of the new automotive industry, this technology has got a significant duty in leading to the growth of the automobile sector. The core technological development is the battery, motor, and the electric control technologies (Gong, Wang, and Wang, 2013, pp 215). Thus, growth of new energy vehicles is impacted by innovation and the ecological environment where proper utilization of resources, and creating cooperation with research institutes helps create a climate conducive to innovation. The market positioning is of significance when coming up with the new energy vehicles. This is because individuals do not have enough information regarding new energy vehicles. Creating awareness helps people understand the habits of the cars. Additionally, elaborating the acquisition of energy would be of significance when coming up with the new energy regulated vehicles. Hence, for the technology to succeed in the field and to gradually open up the market, the target population must be well stipulated. This helps to have a good competition in prices but occurs after creating a good understanding to the customers about the new energy vehicles. The critical feature to developing a new energy automotive understands the business model. A mature model is formed after a long-participation of all the sectors in the new energy automotive industry and the inter-market (Turton, and Moura, 2008, pp 1096). Thus the model developed for innovating new energy should involve the government, related to the enterprise, and should be related to the operations of the company, based on research. Mastering of the innovation path is also crucial in the development. Mastering enough technology in the new energy vehicle is seen to be the only way the industry will propel to achieve growth that is long-term. The stages undertaken by BYD are the most suitable for the manufacture of new energy cars. Having a clear understanding of the customers is important to determine how the firms tailor-make their products. For example, Tesla targets the rich in the society thus comes up with car brands that are luxurious, including sports cars. On the hand, BYD targets the public transportation sector, basing the technology of its vehicles to ET-Power of the. Based on the customers, appearance of the cars and the accessories used make them attractive. The source of energy to be used should as well be in a position to meet the desired needs and demands of the target users. This results in innovation of new energy by the companies that are involved in the production of vehicles such Tesla. The first article argues that there is little evidence to show that Tesla is an innovative company. It deliberates that the firm has a transition from manufacturing few cars to making massive productions of the same. Furthermore, investors prospect on the firm dominating a future that may feature self-standing vehicles and with sustainable energy consumption. However, the second article gives significant justification to show that the company is innovative enough (Mazloomi, and Gomes, 2012, pp 3029). The article shows that the firm has developed to become among the top ten most innovative organizations in the car industry, with solely over ten years of operation. The team associated with the firm all have technical knowledge which when put together significantly make the firm to be extra innovative. Second, the first article states that Tesla does not fit to be defined as a disruptive innovation. The argument behind this is that it cannot be precisely defined the kind of disruptive technology that the firm offers. This is because electric cars have been in place for a long time without becoming cheaper. However, the second article argues that the coming up of Teslas team to build a high degree of similar cars makes it achieve disruptive innovation among the incumbent industries. Despite the focus on having an entirely electric vehicle by all the sectors, Tesla has a design that is outstanding, with the interior materials being more luxurious. Their prioritization in luxury cars enables them to achieve success in their sales. Third, the article elaborates that there is uncertainty about Tesla becoming the winner in the automotive technology since other main companies manufacturing cars apply the same technology. In some instances, the make use of the same components (Thackeray, Wolverton, and Isaacs, 2012, pp 7858). However, the other article argues out that Tesla shared out its patent innovation with other firms, enhancing the growth of the new energy vehicle industry. The company aimed to encourage the development of the technology. The first article distinguishes Tesla from other companies such as iPhone which invented cell phones, PDAs, and even digital cameras. Nonetheless, the second article gives the company a thumbs-up as the only electric car firm that uses 18650 ternary battery. The Model S is the award winning car in European when we consider the road safety. Its body makes use of aluminum, hence the single in North America using the aluminum body. Tesla is compared to Netflix which is viewed as a disruptive innovator in the video rental market, first with DVDs and second by use of its live streaming. Also, there is no steady supply of revenue from any of it more mature products which help fund other progressive experimentations and research. Though, in the second article, we see the success of Tesla resulting from its unique business model (Richardson, 2013, pp 249). A Clear understanding of its customers and meeting their demand, and ensuring that the worth of the business is maintained is the main determinant of its progress. Development of high-end, highly performing sports cars and dominating the industry, has helped attract high-income earners. Its focus is on the public image that is perceived of celebrities. Tesla has got many vendors who provide it with credit. The firm also was in a position to acquire a huge sum of long-term money as a result of issuing common shares and preferred shares by the new US Department of E nergys Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing projects. Bibliography Cao, J. and Emadi, A., 2012. A new battery/ultracapacitor hybrid energy storage system for electric, hybrid, and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles.IEEE Transactions on power electronics,27(1), pp.122-132. Debe, M.K., 2012. Electrocatalyst approaches and challenges for automotive fuel cells.Nature,486(7401), pp.43-51. Downes, L. and Nunes, P., 2014.Big bang disruption: business survival in the age of constant innovation. Penguin UK. Eberle, U., Mller, B. and Von Helmolt, R., 2012. Fuel cell electric vehicles and hydrogen infrastructure: status 2012.Energy Environmental Science,5(10), pp.8780-8798. Gong, H., Wang, M.Q. and Wang, H., 2013. 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The Holy Trinity Of Masaccio Essays - Masaccio,

The Holy Trinity of Masaccio The Holy Trinity by Masaccio was done approximately 1428. It is a superb example of Masaccio's use of space and perspective. It consists of two levels of unequal height. Christ is represented on the top half, in a coffered, barrel-vaulted chapel. On one side of him is the Virgin Mary, and on the other, St. John. Christ himself is supported by God the Father, and the Dove of the Holy Spirit rests on Christ's halo. In front of the pilasters that enframe the chapel kneel the donors (h usband and wife). Underneath the altar (a masonry insert in the painted composition) is a tomb. Inside the tomb is a skeleton, which may represent Adam. The vanishing point is at the center of the masonry altar, because this is the eye level of th e spectator, who looks up at the Trinity and down at the tomb. The vanishing point, five feet above the floor level, pulls both views together. By doing this, an illusion of an actual structure is created. The interior volume of this 'structure' i s an ex tension of the space that the person looking at the work is standing in. The adjustment of the spectator to the pictured space is one of the first steps in the development of illusionistic painting. Illusionistic painting fascinated many artists of the Renaissance and Baroque periods. The proportions in this painting are so numerically exact that one can actually calculate the numerical dimensions of the chapel in the background. The span of the painted vault is seven feet, and the depth is nine feet. "Thus, he achieves not only successful illusion, but a rational, metrical coherence that, by maintaining the mathematical proportions of the surface design, is responsible for the unity and harmony of this monumental composition." Two principal interests are summed up by The Holy Trinity: Realism based on observation, and the application of mathematics to pictorial organization. All of the figures are fully clothed, except for that of Christ himself. He is, however, wearing a robe around his waist. The figure is "real"; it is a good example of a human body. The rest of the figures, who are clothed, are wearing ro bes. The drapery contains heavy folds and creases, which increases the effect of shadows. The human form in its entirety is not seen under the drapery; only a vague representation of it is seen. It is not at all like the 'wet-drapery' of Classica l antiquity. Massacio places the forms symmetrically in the composition. Each has its own weight and mass, unlike earlier Renaissance works. The fresco is calm, and creates a sad mood. The mood is furthered by the darkness of the work, and the heavy sh adows cast. Grunewald's The Isenheim Altarpiece is an oil painting on wood, completed in 1515. The altar is composed of a carved wooden shrine with two pairs of movable panels, one directly in back of the other. The outermost scene is the Crucifixion; on the inside there are two others. On the two sides, two saints are represented (St. Sebastian on the left, and St. Anthony on the right). Together, these saints established the theme of disease and healing that is reinforced by the inner paintin gs. On the bottom of the panel, when opened, it appears that Christ's legs were amputated; possibly an allusion to ergotism, a disease treated in the hospital where the altarpiece was kept. An image of the terrible suffering of Christ is in the middle. The suffering body hangs against the dark background, which falls all the way to the earth. The flesh is discolored by decomposition and is studded with the thorns of the lash. His blackening feet twist in agony, as do his arms. His head is to one side, and his fingers appear as crooked spikes. The shuddering tautness of Christ's nerves is expressed through the positions of his fingers. Up to this point, no other artist has ever produced such an image of pain. The sharp, angular shapes of anguish appear in the figures of the swooning Virgin and St. John, and in the shrill delirium of the Magdalene. On the other side, John the Baptist, a gaunt form, points a finge r at the body of the dead Christ. Even though death and suffering are dominant in the altarpiece, there are symbols of hope: The river behind St. John, which represents baptism, and the wine-red sky which symbolizes the blood of Christ. Through th ese sym bols, ahope of salvation